Certified Teacher, 23 Years’ Experience

Jun 26, 2012 12:09 by Utah

M.S. Education, Ph.D. History, Secondary Social Studies Certification (State of Pennsylvania).
Native English speaker from the U.S.A.
Ten years’ teaching experience in the United States.
Thirteen years’ teaching experience in Tokyo.
Suddenly relocated to Fukuoka on March 17, 2011.
Experience teaching English full-time at a private girls’ junior/senior high school in Tokyo; experience teaching English full-time at a private university in English.
Published many academic papers on teaching English.
Permanent resident of Japan.
Complete CV and references availble on request.

Seeking full-time position only. Seeking position without probation period. Seeking position that pays full salary for twelve months a year. Prefer permanent position, but will accept a one-year renewable contract. Prefer position in which I will be judged by the quality of my teaching and not by arbitrary rules. Prefer position in which I am free to select textbooks.

Available to start immediately. Currently living in Fukuoka-shi, but willing to relocate anywhere within Kyushu (except Kitakyushu where they are burning radioactive waste).

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