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Picture Perfect Cocktails

” “”A Gin and Tonic is actually a difficult drink to pour”” says Koji Kurayoshi who bartended at the Hotel New Otani in Fukuoka for 25 years before opening his own place. “”Kurayoshi? , located in Daimyo, opened two years ago and is the perfect spot for drinks after work, pre-dinner cocktails, or a night cap. But getting back to the Gin and Tonic, Kurayoshi explains his cocktail chemistry: “”The squeezed lime goes in first, followed by rinsed ice, then gin and then the tonic water. The order affects the way the ingredients interact and how long the tonic keeps its fizz. “”Pouring perfect cocktails is clearly a mix of art and science. Over the years some of Kurayoshi’s original cocktails, such as his sweet Maeotome (Dancing Girl) made with sesame shochu, frambroise, Cointreau, and lemon, have won awards. As the Director of the Kyushu chapter of the Japan Hotel Barmen’s Association, Kurayoshi is very much on top of the industry. The trend towards drier daiquiris for example is one that he doesn’t agree with. “”With few exceptions such as the Martini, the base liquor shouldn’t be overpowering. But if a customer wants something really dry, of course, we oblige.”” From behind his seven meter long counter, Kurayoshi clad in his elegant white jacket and tie can make almost every cocktail imaginable. He does all the shaking and stirring himself and it’s quite a show to watch, always ending with a perfect cocktail placed on the counter under a small solitary spotlight. Besides the counter, there’s a more casual wood-deck terrace balcony with tables for four offering a relaxed setting to enjoy perhaps some of Fukuoka’s most perfect cocktails. The staff is dressed formally, but you don’t have to. So don’t wait for a birthday or anniversary, treat yourself to drinks created with a passion for perfection tonight!”

"La Corte 7F 1-3-32 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka "


“Open: 19:00~4:00
Closed: Tue.
Prices: Charge 530 yen, Most cocktails from 950 yen ~ 1,470 yen, Fresh Bloody Mary 1,470 yen, Beach Boys 1,370 yen, Cheese plate 1,790 yen, Onion Gratin Soup 840 yen”

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