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Lining the River

“Ascending the narrow staircase of this tiny bar located on the second floor of an otherwise very non-descript building, visitors find a red door marked with the characters of “”Damaya””. The compact space fitting comfortably three tables and a counter, subdued lighting, walls dotted with monochrome photos (of gorillas!), unique hand-made ceramics and serving ware displayed in corners, and Carol King welcome night crawlers without pretence or assaulting the senses. Yamada (“”Damaya”” backwards), who runs the establishment alone, says “”I was lucky to find this place. I liked its odd shape and thought it strangely had character and would be perfect for running on my own. I can stay close to the customers and enjoy conversation while serving drinks and dishes.”” He’s a veteran cook, but here his short menu includes pasta, pizza, sauted dishes, and more, making Damaya not only a cozy bar but ideal spot for a light meal. The wine, sake, and shochu selection is not disappointing either. When asked what he’s particular about, Yamada laughs and says, “”Particular? Well, I suppose I’m not really particular about anything!”” But in fact he’s a potter, and most of the ceramics used here he made himself in his own kiln. If you like what you see you might want to commission an order, but most customers probably don?t even notice. Dayama , and Yamada-san are both very low key, making this an ideal spot to chat quietly with friends over drinks. Tip! If you’re on a date aim for the table by the window; its view of the river is surprising romantic despite its proximity to Yakuin Station.”

"2F 1-1-11 Hirao, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka"


“Open: 19:00 ~ 3:00 (Last order 2:00)
Closed: Never
Prices: No table-charge. Gorgonzola Pasta 800 yen, Ginan Shioyaki 300 yen, Numen (hot somen) 500 yen, Glass wine 400 yen~, Shochu 400 yen~”

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