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Noriko Okura

Many in the fashion industry recognize Fukuoka as one of Japan’s best-dressed cities. This is attributed to the fact that more single women live at home here compared to, say, Tokyo, and therefore have more disposable cash available to spend on clothes. But does Fukuoka generate any original fashion? Apparently, not much; but that’s another story. This month we talked with Noriko Okura, President of Gendar merie — a fashion design company with 26 designers (all women). Instead of marketing an original line they developed and design products for famous brand names, and all from a very compact office in Daimyo. Here’s a peek at her life and career.

Nick Szasz/Editor-in-Chief

NOTE: Encounter is Fukuoka Now’s interview page. Each month an inspiring individual from the Fukuoka community is introduced. The interview is conducted and printed in Japanese. For the convenience of non-Japanese, phonetic kana characters appear above the kanji (Chinese characters) Unfortunately, this can not be replicated on our site. Click on the word ” Japanese” of the small Japanese flag to read the text in Japanese.

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