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Catch the Fuzz

“Atomic design from the 60’s is how owners Juichiro and Mami describe the interior of their tiny but detail rich “”60’s music bar”” in Haruyoshi. Their mixed collection of chairs, tables, stools and lamps easily could have been taken from the set of “”The Monkies””. Imagine lots of circles, squares and bright candy colors. Juichiro, a collector of 60’s music is the DJ and plays everything from the Velvet Underground to Nancy Sinatra and a lot of psychedelic music with shop’s namesake’s “”fuzz”” guitar sounds. He’s also the bartender and offers in addition to all the standard cocktails, seasonal specialty drinks such as Hot Irish Coffee, Cointreaux Coffee and Hot Campari. Meanwhile, Mami tends to the kitchen where she prepares a truly delicious array of Asian and Japanese-western dishes. Her omu-raisu (omelette and fried rice) is deluxe! Order it between 19:00 and 22:00 and for ?900 it comes with coffee and a salad. Oriental Spicy Chicken, Thai Chicken Curry, Nasi Goran and Vietnamese Fo are other popular orders. Even if you’ve already eaten, you’ll likely be tempted to try her famous Lemon Cream Cheese Parfait. Located across from a park on the second floor of a rather non-descript old office building, it’s not a place you’d be likely to stumble into – but if you did, you’d like go back again.”

"1-8-31 2F Watanabe-dori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka"


“Open: 19:00~25:00, Fri & Sat ~27:00
Closed: Sunday & some Hol.
No charge, tax included. Oriental Spicy Chicken 500 yen, Thai Chicken Curry 800 yen, Vietnamese Chicken Fo 600 yen “

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