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An Evening’s Escape to a Garden of Asian Aromas

“Entering Gumrundee, city bustle is whisked away as your taste buds are activated for enjoying something refreshingly new. The entryway, a mange of Asian-exotic, is lively and welcoming. Yet, beyond lies a more settling, reserved arrangement. The relaxed dining atmosphere framed in delicate lighting suggest “”stylish date spot””. The flavors here are foundational, and an element of the dining experience more appreciable than mere style and arrangement. Going beyond presentation, the owner and chef, Shinto-san, wants to treat customers to the savorably delicious. In fact, his culinary art stays primed by frequent trips to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Laos. And while he’s concerned with classics, he doesn’t hesitate to innovate and create dishes with personality? and depth. Indeed, down to the basic ingredients, Shinto-san, shows a high level of care and attentiveness, using organic herbs and spices nurtured with love and tended to with his own hands. A tangy floral home-grown lemongrass makes his Vietnamese dishes sparkle. In Thai, Gumrundee means “”just right””. And the combination of choice ingredients, satisfying flavors, and attention to overall detail, he offers are the proof of the achievement.”

"Kego Eight Bldg. 304, 1-4-27 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka"


“Open: 18:00~01:00 (OS 24:00)
Prices: No cover charge. Singha (Thai beer) 600 yen, Mekon (Thai whisky) 500 yen, Nem (Vietnamese-style minced meat baked with lemong”

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