Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture

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Discover the Culture of Kurume City

For the Kyushu traveler, Kurumeユs food and history have an irresistible allure
In the heart of the expansive Chikugo Plains, at the base of the Mino Mountains, crossed by the Chikugo River, lies the former castle town of Kurume City, with its rich history and beautiful natural surroundings. For the historically inclined, Kurume abounds with opportunities to catch a glimpse of Japanユs past. Important historical monuments include the remains of Kurume Castle, from where the feudal clan of Arima once ruled the Kurume region, Bairinji Shrine, Kyushuユs most important training ground for Buddhist monks, Tera-machi, where many temples are crowded together, and the head temple of all of Japan’s Suitengu shrines. Kurume also has a long history as a rice-growing region, and around the Chikugo River there are quite a few renowned makers of sake and Japanese sweets. Kurume has a long reputation as a place of rich culinary offerings, beginning with its strong-smelling, thick-brothed Kurume Ramen. In the annals of Ramen history, some even attribute to Kurume the origins of tonkotsu ramen, now the staple ramen in many parts of Kyushu. Collecting from the mountains of Aso, the waters of the Chikugo River flow for 143 km into the Ariake Sea. This large, calm river changes character every season, gently bringing life to Kurume through the ages.

15-3, Jonan-machi, Kurume City

** Kurume City Information!**

1/7/2005 (Fri. ) Daizenji Tamatare-gu

Oniyo is a fire festival that takes place every January 7 at the Daizenji Tamatare-gu Shrine. To ward off the evil spirits of the New Year, fire is set to torches, including one that is 13 meters long and 1.2-tons, lighting up the dark winter sky. Carried by a small army, the torch gives off flying ash that is said to protect humans from illness.

Five-minute walk from Nishitetetsu Daizenji Tamatare-gu Station

Kurume Jibasan
Officially called the Kurume Region Local Product Promotion Center, Kurume Jibasan is a market that sells some of the areaユs best local products, including Kurume Gasuri (a kind of cloth pattern), lacquer ware, Okawa furniture and Yame tea. The 11th of every month is Jibasan Day, with special promotions such as direct sales of locally-grown vegetables.

Near Kyushu Highway Kurume IC

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