Miso-ya Jinbo

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So Many Miso

Miso, so ubiquitous here that it’s importance in Japanese cuisine is often overlooked. So when we heard about this newly opened restaurant specializing in miso cuisine we had to check it out. In his many years of working in traditional Japanese kitchens, owner-chef Jinbo avoided using artificial flavorings such as MSG by cleverly matching and blending miso to naturally enhance flavoring. Now in his very own cozy restaurant in Yakuin, he offers an array of dishes made with vegetables fresh from the market and nine different miso sourced directly from their makers from all over Japan. Each has its own unique coloring, texture and taste. The sharper flavored miso are from the north (Hokkaido, Tohoku) while the sweeter hail from the south (Kansai, Kyushu). Start off by ordering a cup of sake or shochu and the Miso Dengaku set which includes six varieties of lightly brazed miso, which you eat straight or dip in crushed almonds and peanuts. Mmmmmm! The pork and vegetable or crab hot pots are also excellent. A red-hot stone is dropped into a wooden basin (same as the ones used at onsen baths!) to quickly cook and lock in flavors. Bachelors and bachelorettes will appreciate the teishoku (set meal) for singles including a hors d’oeuvre, sashimi, mini hot-pot, salad, wheat blend rice and a drink for just 1,200 yen! With seating for only 15 it might be best to call in advance to reserve a spot. Drop by and rediscover the magic of miso!

1-11-13 Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka


Open: 18:00~26:00, Sun & Hol ~23:00
Closed: Tue except when before Hol
Prices: 350 yen charge includes hors d’oeuvre, yaki kiri tampo dengaku 300 yen, shochu 500 yen~

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