Nankuru Shokudo

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Asian Eatery

Nankuru Shokudo owner Momota-san’s love for Okinawa and his dining philosophy are neatly expressed in his restaurant’s name, derived from an Okinawan expression meaning “take it easy.” Indeed, with a laidback atmosphere and simple decor consisting of a counter and a few small chairs, his cozy restaurant encourages customers to do just that. Walls painted in light blue and pink hues, gently clattering wood-framed doors, old lights and period fans straight out of an antique shop, give Nankuru Shokudo the flavor of a genuine Asian eatery. The cuisine consists of re-creations of the foods that Momota-san discovered while backpacking through Asia as a young man. Starting with classic Thai dishes such as Tom Yum Goong soup and Thai curry, the menu will take you on a journey to Thailand, Bali, Nepal and beyond. The owner describes his original cuisine, perhaps best labeled “Momota Flavor,” as follows: “I start with a blending of Southeast Asian cuisines, add a little Okinawa flavor, and create Nankuru-style dishes.” Diners have the option of ordering sets. Different evening sets include spareribs, grilled mackerel or vegetables and tofu dishes with rice and miso soup. The lunch menu features daily sets of meat and fish with small dishes loaded with vegetables and rice (680 yen) or a green curry made with a pork base (630 yen). Whatever your selection, everything at Nankuru Shokudo has a unique Asian style with subtle flavors that will bring you back for more.

Miharu Building 1F, 2-13-12 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

Open: 12:00~16:30/18:00~23:30 (Last order 23:00)
Closed: Sundays and holidays
Prices: Sparerib set 920 yen, Grilled mackerel set 850 yen, Nankuru Chanpon 720 yen, Tofu Yo 450 yen, Anchovy Tofu 250 yen, Draft Beer 430 yen

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