Noko Kamome

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Island Diner

Discerning fish eaters flock to this charming and unpretentious little restaurant overlooking the harbor on Nokonoshima Island. It serves only fish caught in the surrounding waters – and with the harbor only a few yards away, the fish is extremely fresh. Even the highly recommended starter of small pickled mackerel (ko-aji nambanzuke, 600 yen) tastes as if it has just left the sea, and the 630 yen takeaway version makes great omiyage. The great value Kamome Teishoku of fish, rice and miso soup (lunchtime only, 800 yen) is very popular, as are the seafood noodles (kaizoku udon, 700 yen, with shrimp, kombu and wakame). Be sure to check the list of seasonal selections and daily specials too. For adventurous gourmets, the 3,500 yen Omakase Course features a range of marine delicacies, including Kyushu’s famous shrimp-like crustacean, the shako. This small, intimate restaurant, with a view of the Fukuoka skyline over Hakata Bay, is perfect for an affordable yet romantic night out.

473 Noko, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka. Getting there: Subway to Meinohama, Bus #1 or #98 to Nokotosenjo ferry


Open 11:00~19:00. Closed occasionally. Call ahead to check. Menu items are mostly 600~1,500 yen; Omakase 3,500 yen, Beer 600 yen.

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