Okagaki a town of rustic delights

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One of the best things about Fukuoka is its huge choice of culture and entertainment. Another plus is the city’s genuine hospitality, evident in its gourmet delights and friendly inhabitants alike. A third plus is Fukuoka’s natural environment, with lush mountains and beautiful beaches all within easy reach. Fall is one of the best seasons to enjoy Fukuoka’s outdoors, and nearby Okagaki is one of the loveliest spots where you can do just that.
A well-known breeding ground for sea turtles, Okagaki is a sleepy town with expansive skies, a beautiful coast, and lush hinterlands. Of particular note is Sanri Matsubara, a deep green pine forest that stretches 12km along the coast in striking contrast against white sand beaches. Paragliding enthusiasts soar overhead, no doubt enjoying optimum views after launching themselves from Mt. Yukawa in Okagaki’s west. Hiking trails criss-cross the steep hills bordering nearby Munakata, an area referred to jokingly as the “Okagaki Alps.” Okagaki is primarily a farming town, and much of its fresh produce can be sampled at the tiny stalls lining Highway 495, just south of Sanri Matsubara. Several fruit orchards even sell directly, letting visitors pick their own fruit during harvest season try October to December for sweet, juicy mandarins. Another of Okagaki’s foodie destinations is restaurant Budo-no-Ki. But don’t be put off by its rather floral “Little-House-on-the-Prairie” look. Budo-no-Ki sells seriously tasty natural yeast bread, offers sausage-making workshops, and has a delightful garden restaurant serving elegant yet healthy dishes made with fresh, local produce. Just 90 minutes’ drive from Fukuoka, Okagaki is one more reason to love living in Fukuoka.

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