Restaurante Bartoro

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Spanish Style Grill and Cafe

Breaking the stereotype of dark wooden interiors with castanets hanging from the wall and the obligatory bullfight posters, Bartoro’s spacious, stylish and modern white interior is a refreshing change. Located on a quiet backstreet in Yakuin, it’s close enough to Tenjin to walk to, but far enough off the beaten track to give it a feeling of exclusivity. During the day, enjoy a leisurely lunch, coffee or dessert in the bright and airy room. In the evening, the mood becomes slightly more sophisticated; pull up a stool at the long counter or settle in at one of the tables. Over a dozen tapas (small dishes), priced at about 400 yen each, await your selection at the counter. While the grand menu does include traditional dishes such as paella and Spanish dry cured ham, make sure you try their pasta, goulash and especially their grilled meats. Sardines, salmon and meats are flavored in their custom-built smoke oven. With so many things to try, one visit will not be enough.

Regalita Yakuin 3-1-14 Yakuin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka


Open: 11:30~01:00
Closed: Tue.
Prices: No table charge, Roasted Canadian wild boar with red wine sauce 1,500 yen, Steinberg frankfurters with pickled vegetables 1,000 yen, tapas 400 yen/each, espresso 350 yen.

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