ESL Determined to move to Japan

Nov 13, 2020 21:16 by alpomar

I am fully determined to move to Japan, because my goal is to master the language. I have been studying Japanese for four years, my current level is between N3 and N2. I have a diploma equivalent to N3 at the EN/TERA school in Ōsaka, where I studied for a summer. Additionally, I have been studying the N2 level all this year in a very serious manner. Furthermore, having studied in the UK and Japan, and having worked in Ireland, I gained a lot of experience dealing with colleagues, clients, and students from all countries of the world. I am currently working and have been working for two years in a language school in Barcelona. As a teacher, being able to teach Japanese students would also be a great advance in my career.

Last year I spent my holidays in Fukuoka, because my former Japanese teacher currently resides there and it became my favorite city in Japan. I got to know the entire Kyūshū region, the community of foreigners who live there, and many Japanese people that I still have contact with, and I loved it. They told me and I have found that I can adapt perfectly to life in Japan. Right now, with my current level of Japanese, I have already overcome the language barrier. From the moment I leave the plane I am able to understand people and express myself appropriately.

I would like to work full time because I want to be able to live on my salary. I am willing to work part time because I want to take this opportunity, although I would have to combine it with another job when I am there. I hope you understand.

I just got my TEFL certificate last September to be able to work in Japan. I have made my decision, and I am sure that I will do great when I have the chance to prove it.

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