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Oct 24, 2020 07:59 by Lord D

Honest Joe’s used appliances
You can see my latest acquisitions on my youtube channel. I find it
to be much easier than posting all the pics into my dropbox account.
Youtube search>> Honest Joe’s Appliances 09013666923 Nishi-ku Fukuoka

Fridge: SHARP 2013 350L SJ-WA35X 169 cm Tall 60 cm Wide 65 cm Deep. 15000 yen
Washing machine: SHARP 2017 5.5 kg ES-GE5A-V 11000 yen
Fridge: 2016 Mitsubishi 146L MR-P15A-B 122 cm Tall 48 Wide 58 Deep
11000 yen
Washing machine: Hitachi 2016 5 KG NW-5WR 11000 yen
Washing machine: SHARP 2011 ES-GE5A-V Crazy cheap price 4000 yen

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