House hunting

May 12, 2021 14:50 by steford

I just arrived back in Fukuoka with my wife after living overseas in London for 24 years and we are currently in temporary accommodation in Hakata. We are looking for a house (or apartment/manshon 75m2+) for a year or so whilst we search for a place to buy. We’ve seen a few places so far none of which have grabbed us immediately or where the initial costs are too high for the period we want to rent for. Does anyone have such a property available or know of agencies that are geared up to help our search? We’re currently looking on Suumo, Furenzu etc but the fees and procedures (searching again in each shop we go to) are frustrating us. Location isn’t so important as long as it’s in decent condition and nearish to public transport. Fukuoka City and anywhere up the coast to Shingu or down to Itoshima would be fine.

Thanks for any help.

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