Household items for sale

Feb 24, 2019 19:48 by salmanbari007

Few household items will be sold. Please contact if you are interested.
1. Cajon (Brand: DG): 10,000 Yen (Almost new)
2. Canon Printer (Brand: Pixus TS 3130): 3,000 Yen (Brand new & Intake)
3. Dining Table with two chairs (Brand: Nitori クーボ120DBR): 4,500 Yen (Almost new and no scratch)
4. Heat Styler 4 way (Brand: VSW-2800/P) 2,200 Yen (Used one once and great condition)
5. Multi Sit up Bench: 2,000 Yen (good condition)
6. PA Sound System (Brand: BEHRINGER PPA500BT EUROPORT) with three mics and two mic stands: 45,000 Yen (still has 7 months warranty)
7. Wireless Mic (Brand: BEHRINGER ULM202USB ULTRALINK) Two Mics: 10,000 Yen (still has 7 months warranty)
8. Black TV trolley (Only trolley): 1,500 Yen Good condition.
9. Brown Kitchen Shelf: 1500 Yen Good Condition
10. Lots of showpiece items, flower vase,crockeries etc. for free if you buy the above stuffs.

Please refer to the link below for photos,

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