Kombucha starter fluid

Jul 21, 2022 07:54 by procyon88

It began as an innocent hobby, a passing curiosity in fermentation. How was I to know what I had invited into my home. Now I don’t dare to tarry to long on the first floor for that is where The Beast lurks. It glowers out from the darkened storage closet, it’s hunger insatiable, and speaks out, voicing it’s singular want and desire, the entirety of all else being null. “More” it demands. I make haste upstairs fearful that one day it will tire of its diet of sugar and crave something more bipedal.

Yeegads man, what is that smell?, my friend asks.
Uhh… I just ate some pickles earlier is all, I spurt out quickly while nervously eyeballing the storage closet. Does he know?
The clerk stares at my cart full of white sugar. Typical American, he thinks as he scans them. I return home and The Beast is upon me, filling my insides with probiotic cultures. I am unable to resist and soon become more SCOBY than man.

More. More. More.

Do you have an interest in fermentation too?
Would you like to start your own Kombucha SCOBY?
I have plenty of starter fluid and might be able to hook you up with a SCOBY too.
I’m willing to TRADE for anything of your choice, be it a homecooked good, your own fermentation project, beers or whatever.
No money will be accepted, TRADES only.
Send me a message and bring a jar.

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