Looking for an accommodation/ share room / home stay

Mar 17, 2023 17:54 by Gio

We are looking for an accommodation for a friend who will be coming to Fukuoka for 3 months from 1st April. Our friend is a 24 year-old well educated, polite and nice Italian lady, just graduated from Ca’ Foscari University with full grades! She speaks very good Japanese, Italian and English.
She is looking for either a small furnished apartment or a room in a family home, possibly not too far from Fukuoka city centre. She is very discrete and therefore we believe that also a home-stay with a family who would love to know more about Italy / Europe and be exposed to a different culture / language would work well!
She will obviously pay for the accommodation. Meals are not necessary but we can agree depending on the type of accommodation offered.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
Many thanks!

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