Nishi Park Sakura Festival

START: Mar 20, 2024 END: Apr 7, 2024

Nishi Park, situated on a hilltop formerly known as “Aratsuyama,” offers breathtaking panoramic views of Hakata Bay and Shikanoshima Island. Renowned as a celebrated cherry blossom viewing spot, approximately 1,300 cherry trees burst into glorious bloom during the spring season. During this period, the Sakura Festival is held, allowing visitors to bask in the radiant beauty of the illuminated cherry blossoms.

The festival promises a myriad of enthralling events and performances. Highlights include a traditional tea ceremony, as well as a vibrant parade led by the rhythmic beats of taiko drummers, with participants adorned in elegant kimono attire, commencing at 1pm on March 31st. On April 7th, at 11am, spectators can witness the captivating demonstration of the Yagyu Shinkage-ryu martial arts, which originated from the renowned Kuroda fief. Later, at 3:30pm, the festival will resound with the thunderous melodies of a Japanese taiko drumming performance, enthralling the audience with its powerful rhythms.

Nishi Park Sakura Festival, 西公園さくらまつり

• 3/20 (Wed., hol.) ~ 4/7 (Sun.)
• 10:00~22:00
• Sakura Light up: 19:00~22:00
• Free entry (some experiences are charged)
• Nishi Park
13 Nishi-koen, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

Nishi Park Sakura Festival, 西公園さくらまつり

Published: Mar 28, 2024 / Last Updated: Mar 28, 2024

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