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Luke’s Lobster Opens in Fukuoka at Parco

As if there weren’t already enough tempting eateries in Tenjin, tomorrow, on Aug.10, Luke’s Lobster from America will open their first lobster shack in Kyushu at Parco on Meiji-dori. With only a few tiny tables and benches hugging the sidewalk, it’s take-out only. If you’re not familiar with Luke’s Lobsters, they began in the East Village of New York back in 2009 and have been awarded “Best Lobster Roll” by many influential media. Well, we got to taste their goods today and we’re happy to report – it’s not hype – they’re truly tasty numbers! To begin with and most importantly, you can really taste the lobster. The meat is firm (but not chewy) and sweet and juicy. The bun was served warm and was a perfect compliment to the seafood. They are clearly using top quality ingredients throughout.

The lobster roll is available in US size (¥1,580) or a regular size (¥980). And there are several other rolls on offer such as crab, shrimp and various combinations. We can’t wait to try the Lobster Grilled Cheese sandwich! Side orders of chips, coleslaw, and soup are available too. Finally, in a nod to our city, Luke’s has added a Fukuoka shack exclusive – the “Mentaiko Lobster Roll” (¥1,000) with spicy mentaiko (spicy cod roe) topping and sprinkle of nori (dried seaweed).


Special #1
8/10 (Fri.) ~ 8/12 (Sun.)
Lobster Roll (regular size) for ¥500 for the first 50 customers each day

Special #2
8/13 (Mon.) ~ 8/19 (Sun.)
Free bottle of Luke’s Beer for the first 30 customers each day who purchase a meal set

Special #3
8/25 (Sat.) ~ 8/26 (Sun.)
Free Luke’s coin case for the first 50 customers each day who purchase a meal set

Partial menu list: Lobster Roll (US) ¥1,580, Lobster Roll (regular) ¥980, Shrimp Roll ¥950, Crab Roll ¥1,380, Lobster & Crab Roll ¥1,580, Crab & Shrimp Roll ¥1,280, Luke’s Trio ¥1,980, Mentaiko Lobster Roll ¥1,000 (available in Fukuoka only), Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich ¥1,380, Crab Grilled Cheese Sandwich ¥1,080

Luke’s Lobster Fukuoka PARCO
• 11:00~20:00
• 1F Parco, Main Building
2-11-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
• Closed: Irregular
• Foreign language menu: English and Korean available, credit card accepted

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Published: Aug 9, 2018 / Last Updated: Aug 15, 2018

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