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Fukuoka’s World Aquatics Championships Costs Double Due to Delays

The financial closure of last summer’s World Aquatics Championships and World Aquatics Masters Championships, held in Fukuoka City, revealed that the costs escalated to over 20.4 billion yen, doubling the initial estimates due to postponements from the COVID-19 pandemic and higher-than-expected facility standards set by the International Swimming Federation. The city’s expenses tripled to approximately 10.7 billion yen. Despite the challenges, including two postponements and increased operational demands, the event’s final costs encompassed about 10.7 billion yen for venue preparations, 5 billion yen in operational expenses, and 4.7 billion yen for accommodations and transportation. Fukuoka’s efforts to secure subsidies and sponsorships couldn’t offset the tripled fiscal responsibility, and the estimated economic benefits for the city were adjusted to around 43.3 billion yen, 10 billion less than expected, primarily due to reduced international visitors amid the pandemic. Source: NHK

Fukuoka's World Aquatics Championships Costs Double Due to Delays

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Published: Feb 29, 2024 / Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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