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Kitakyushu City to Subsidize Fire Safety in Wooden Eateries

Amidst consecutive large-scale fires in Kitakyushu City’s shopping districts, the city has decided to subsidize the installation of simplified automatic fire extinguishing systems in densely populated wooden eateries. Following significant fires, including two at the Tanga Market and another near JR Kokura Station, the city plans to include a 9 million yen budget for the new fiscal year to support this initiative. Approximately 170 establishments located in high-risk “special firefighting districts” will be eligible for subsidies covering 90% of the installation costs. The Kitakyushu City Industrial and Economic Bureau emphasized the importance of this measure in preventing loss of life and ensuring swift recovery in the event of fires. Source: NHK

Kitakyushu City to Subsidize Fire Safety in Wooden Eateries

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Published: Feb 15, 2024 / Last Updated: Feb 15, 2024

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