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Kyushu Electric Prioritizes Safety in Upcoming Plant Inspection

Kyushu Electric Power has announced a scheduled halt in operations for routine inspections and maintenance of Unit 3 at the Genkai Nuclear Power Plant, located in Genkai Town, Saga Prefecture, starting November 10th. The shutdown of power generation at Genkai Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 will begin at 1 AM on November 10th to allow for a thorough inspection and necessary construction activities. This comprehensive routine inspection will examine 117 points of interest, including the reactor’s core, the containment structures, and the facilities for disposing of radioactive waste. Additionally, the maintenance work will include replacing the lid material of the reactor vessel with one less susceptible to corrosion cracking and updating some of the fuel assemblies with new fuel. Kyushu Electric Power plans to resume commercial operations at Genkai Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 by late February of the following year. The company assures that this temporary suspension will not impact the power supply during the winter months. Source: Kyushu Electric Power / RKB

Kyushu Electric Prioritizes Safety in Upcoming Plant Inspection

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Saga Prefecture
Published: Nov 9, 2023 / Last Updated: Nov 9, 2023

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