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Lucky Eggs at Ichiran Ramen

Between Jan. 6 and Setsubun (Feb. 3), many Japanese people eat kantamago (eggs laid during the winter months), as they are thought to bring good fortune and health – the cold supposedly seals in more of the nutrients. They’re particularly popular with students since it also happens to be exam season! For a limited time only, Ichiran will be selling “Fukuran”, their own take on kantamago; the name is a compound of fuku (fortune) and ran, the character which makes up the second half of Ichiran’s name and can also be read as “egg”. Between Jan. 29 (Fri.) and Feb. 3 (Wed.), 52 branches of Ichiran all over Japan will offer Fukuran (at ¥120 per egg). Source: Ichiran press release, 1/25


Our editor went to try one of their eggs – she feels healthier & smarter already!

fukuran jan 2016 001

Published: Jan 29, 2016 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017

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