Now Map: Your Essential Free English Guide to Fukuoka City

Welcome to Fukuoka!
Whether you’ve arrived by air, rail, or sea, the Now Map is your indispensable guide to the city. Crafted by Fukuoka Now’s seasoned team, this map is the culmination of years of local exploration, designed to showcase the best of Fukuoka to our international visitors.

Our mission is simple: to enrich your Fukuoka experience. The Now Map is more than a map; it’s a tool for discovery, tailored for English speakers by long-term, non-Japanese residents.

Now Map: Your Essential Free English Guide to Fukuoka City

Spanning from Meinohama in the west to Hakozaki in the east, and from Hakata Port in the north to Minami-koen in the south, the Now Map offers a comprehensive view of the city at a glance. Plan your day with ease, visiting landmarks and local favorites such as Shofukuji and Ohori Park.

Flip the map for a detailed view of key areas like Tenjin, Kawabata, and Hakata, perfect for exploring the city’s bustling centers.

Convenience Meets Practicality
While expansive when unfolded, the Now Map tucks away into your pocket with ease. Unlike a smartphone, it’s always on, always available, and no data charges apply. Scribble notes, chart your journey, and keep it as a memento of your travels.

Published biannually in April and November, pick up your free copy from tourist spots, hotels, shopping centers, or directly from our sponsors. Can’t find one? Reach out to us via email.

By the Numbers
– Active since 2009
– 190,000 copies for 2023
– Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter editions
– Over 260 distribution points
– Advertisement opportunities:

Where to Find Now Map
Available at major info counters in airports, train stations, and cultural spots. Notably:

• Fukuoka Airport Information Counter / 福岡空港国際観光案内所 (Map)
• JR Hakata Station General Information Center / 博多駅総合案内所 (Map)
• Fukuoka City Tourist Information (Tenjin) / 福岡天神観光案内所 (Map)
• Hakata Port Internaitonal tarminal Information / 博多港国際ターミナル総合案内所 (Map)

Acknowledging Our Advertisers

Our heartfelt thanks to the sponsors who make the Now Map possible. Support them as they have supported us. Visit their English or Japanese websites via our links, and find their locations on Google Maps.

Shops & Department Stores
Book Off / ブックオフ (Map)
Drug 11 / ドラッグ11 (Map)
Fukutaro / 山口油屋福太郎 (Map)
GooDay / グッデイ (Map)
GU / ジーユー (Map)
Hakata Hankyu / 博多阪急 (Map)
Josuian / 如水庵 (Map)
JR Hakata City / JR博多シティ (Map)
Mina Tenjin / ミーナ天神 (Map)
Solaria Plaza / ソラリアプラザ (Map)
Tenjin Chikagai / 天神地下街 (Map)
Uniqlo / ユニクロ (Map)
Youme Town / ゆめタウン博多 (Map)

Food & Drink
Asahi Beer & Fukuoka Yatai (Food stall)  / アサヒビール & 福岡屋台
GohGan (Map)
Grand Hyatt Fukuoka & The Market F & Bar Fizz / グランド ハイアット 福岡 & ザ マーケット エフ & バーフィズ (Map)
Ichiran / 一蘭 (Map)
Kakuuchi Fukutaro / カクウチFUKUTARO (Map)
Menya Gaga / 麺屋 我ガ (Map)
Ohori Terrace / 大濠テラス (Map)
Potama / ポーたま (Map)
Saryo Yamashima / 茶料 山科 (Map)
Sushi Kappo Tatsuki / 寿司割烹たつき (Map)
Toyohisamaru / みるくがき豊久丸 (Map)
Wolfgang’s Steak House / ウルフギャング・ステーキハウス (Map)

Fukuoka City Subway / 福岡市地下鉄 
Nishitetsu Bus & Fukuoka Open Top Bus / 西鉄バス & 福岡オープントップバス
Nishitetsu Trains / 西鉄電車

Boat Race Fukuoka / ボートレース福岡 (Map)
Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine / 太宰府天満宮 (Map)
Fukuoka Art Museum / 福岡市美術館 (Map)
Fukuoka Asian Art Museum / 福岡アジア美術館 (Map)
Fukuoka City Museum / 福岡市博物館 (Map)
Hakata Old Town / 博多旧市街 (Map)
Hakata Traditional Craft and Design Museum / はかた伝統工芸館 (Map)
Karatsu Castle in Karatsu City / 唐津城 (Map)
Kyushu Exciting Experience Reservation / 九州わくわく体験予約