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Saga Police Nab Officer in Social Media Scam

Yurina Otani, a 25-year-old police officer from Osaka Prefecture, was arrested by the Saga Prefectural Police for participating in a social media fraud scheme. Otani, along with accomplices, impersonated a Canadian doctor and a Japanese male model to deceive two women into sending money. In the first case, she targeted a woman in her 50s from Ogi City, Saga Prefecture, between July and August, posing as a Canadian doctor who needed 200,000 yen for airfare due to his mother’s hospitalization, resulting in a total fraud of 1,947,600 yen from this victim. In the second case, she posed as a Japanese male model to a woman in her 60s from Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, claiming to need 700,000 yen for shipping a 500 million yen prize from Thailand, defrauding a total of 11.4 million yen. Source: RKB

Saga Police Nab Officer in Social Media ScamPhoto from Photo AC 

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Saga Prefecture
Published: Dec 1, 2023 / Last Updated: Dec 1, 2023

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