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Wind Power Facility Set to Power 25K Homes in Kumamoto

Renova, a company specializing in renewable energy development, announced on May 31st its plan to establish an onshore wind power facility in the Amakusa area of Kumamoto Prefecture, aiming to commence operations by the summer of 2026. The project will install 13 wind power units primarily in the Reihoku town area of the same prefecture. The facility’s expected power generation is 109 gigawatt-hours per year, which is equivalent to the annual power consumption of approximately 25,000 average households.

Renova, along with other investors, has established a pact with Kumamoto Prefecture and Reihoku Town related to environmental conservation and disaster prevention. Reihoku Wind Power, located in Reihoku town, will manage the wind power business. Preliminary surveys for the project began as early as 2017, with construction set to start in June 2023 and operations projected to last for 20 years from 2026 to 2046. The investment amount remains undisclosed. Source: Renova / Nikkei

Wind Power Facility Set to Power 25K Homes in KumamotoPhoto from Kyushu Tourism Organization official photo gallery

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Kumamoto Prefecture
Published: Jun 1, 2023 / Last Updated: Jun 1, 2023

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