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Three Sakura Events!

Sakura season is here! With the beautiful cherry blossom flowers coming into bloom across the city, there are many events happening. Here are three sakura events selected by Fukuoka Now staff…

Atago Shrine Sakura Matsuri (Mar.17~ Apr.15)
Atago Shrine, known for its beautiful sakura, will hold its annual sakura matsuri from Mar. 17 ~ around Apr. 15. Write your wish on holy bamboo and taste sakuragashi, an original sakura sweet (¥100) sold during the festival. But be quick, there are only 1,000 sakuragashi available! On Apr. 8 (Sun.) there will be a sakuranoutage, or sakura party, in which miko (shrine maidens) and shinsyoku (shinto priests) compose traditional waka poems about sakura.

Sakura Matsuri at Mo-Mo Land (Mar.31~ Apr.1)
For two days, Mo-Mo Land in Aburayama will hold their Sakura Matsuri! Amongst the beautiful cherry blossoms, try your hand at milking a cow, horse riding and making butter from scratch! You can also watch a sheep-shearing demonstration. For more info, see their website:

Dazaifu Tenmangu Plum & Cherry Blossoms (~early April)
Usually, by the time sakura (cherry blossoms) begin to bloom at Dazaifu Tenmangu, the plum blossoms have already finished. This year, however, the plum blossoms were late to bloom due to the cold winter. This means you can experience the rare sight of around 6,000 plum trees and dozens of cherry trees- in bloom alongside each other until early April. Don’t miss it!

And that’s not all! View the Fukuoka Now Sakura and Hanami Map to see our comprehensive map including 50+ locations in Fukuoka known for beautiful sakura trees. To help make your choice, we’ve also included 10 staff recommended sakura spots. Check it out on now!

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Published: Mar 30, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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