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Today is Hachi Hachi Day!

Hachi means “eight” in Japanese and since today is 8/8 we’ve declared it to be “Hachi Hachi Day”! Hachi Hachi is also the name of a very popular BBQ restaurant with three shops in Fukuoka and two in Tokyo. They’re also supporters of Fukuoka Now magazine with a big ad on the back of the Aug issue of Fukuoka Now – see below. If you go to Hachi Hachi this summer, show this graphic or back cover of Fukuoka Now and say “ii ne” and they’ll give you a free serving of ribs (one per group). Fukuoka Now staff are going to the Hachi Hachi restaurant TONIGHT 8/8. If you see us say hi! Happy “Hachi Hachi Day” everyone! Website:はちはち赤坂店/185621701491455

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Published: Aug 8, 2012 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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