Classifieds FAQ

Fukuoka Now Classifieds – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q. Can I edit a message that I have already posted?
Yes, you may edit your message after it has been posted. To do so, please use the contact form to get in touch with our staff. Please include in your mail:
1. The title of your ad & if possible, date posted.
2. Your username.
3. The changes to the text you would like to make.
Once we receive this information from you, we will update your ad.

Q. I posted eight separate messages for items to sell, but only a few were accepted. Why?
We only accept a few posts per user each month. If you have many things to sell group them together.

Q. Can I register more than once?
No, you may only register once. If you have forgotten your password, please use the password recovery system. If a moderator suspects you are using more than one account all accounts will be deleted.

Q. Where are replies to my messages sent?
Replies by viewers of your message are sent using a form that is generated when they click on the “reply” button. It sends a message to the email address you registered when you set up your account. There is no need to include an email address in your post, and in fact, that is discouraged.

Q. Why are messages for Japanese language teaching considered commercial when foreign language teaching messages are posted for free?
That exemption was made as a “community service” to the many non-Japanese living here who rely on teaching foreign languages as a way to earn or supplement their livings. Note that this is only for private instruction – not for schools or businesses, or for those offering editing, proofing or translation services.

Q. I teach language lessons via the Internet, but my message was rejected. Why? 
Lessons offered via the net (Skype, etc.) are NOT accepted. The free messages for foreign language teaching is intended as support for locals. Even if you are a local, we draw a line between in-person and online.

Q. Why are “looking for a roommate” messages deemed commercial?
Real estate rentals are considered commercial services. A shared rent payment is considered a shared payment of a commercial service. Therefore, messages looking for a roommate to share an apartment is considered a commercial service advertisement.

Q. I live in Europe and I posted a message looking for a friend in Japan, but it was rejected. Why?
This service is primarily intended for use by people in the Kyushu area. In order to keep content focused, we do not post messages with little or without a direct connection to the area.

Q. My message was recently rejected, but I posted a nearly identical one just last week. Why is this?
Probably because your latest message was judged to be repetitive. Similar messages will not be approved within the same month.

Q. Why do I see the same messages at the top of the list?
Commercial messages are given a higher priority than free messages and move down the page at an increment of two regular messages. If a commercial message is posted, it remains in the top position until its expiration or until another commercial message is posted, at which point it slides down to the fourth position, and so on. Commercial messages are inexpensive, starting at just ¥3,150/month. If your message is important it might be worth considering.

Q. Can I post for sale message for brand new items?
The “Market Place” section is intended to help individuals find buyers for used items. Posts that advertise the sale of brand new items will only be approved as “commercial posts”, (¥3,000 plus tax). Example: “Used iPhone 6 for sale” – can be posted for free, but, “Unopened, still in box, Iphone for sale” will only be posted as a paid post.

Q. Why was my message rejected?
Common reasons for message rejection include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Inappropriate or offensive language
2. Incomplete information in the submission form
3. Repetitiveness – We do not approve messages for the same or even similar contents twice in the same month. Keep in mind that you can edit your message by yourself at any time. NOTE: this feature is not working now. It will be working soon.
4. Irrelevance to the Fukuoka or Kyushu area. This site is intended for use by people in or near Fukuoka or with direct involvement here. We do not accept penpal messages from overseas.
5. Use of languages other than English and Japanese.
6. Messages relating to activism deemed unsuitable or irrelevant to this site.
7. If we suspect a user is posting messages using more than one login account.