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11월 후쿠오카 가이드

11월 후쿠오카 가이드…

이달의 후쿠오카: 11월
fn203 cafe otto 2015 011

Gourmet: 돈까스 안즈
fn203 gourmet anzu 2015 003

Koyo: Autumn Foliage in Fukuoka

Akihaku: Fall Events in Fukuoka
6-hakata light up walk

LGBT: Kyushu Rainbow Pride Parade
lgbt 2014 web report 004

City Bulletin: 11월fn203 city bulletin_marathon sml

Fukuoka Topics: 하카타의 아이디어맨이 시작한 ‘세이몬바라이’
fn203 fukuoka topic

Our Next PARTY!
Nippon Now – Nov. 3, 15:00~21:00, JR Kyushu Hall

Our Nippon Now party is right around the corner! Experience Japanese culture as you never have before, with special performances of Japanese comedy, music and even sumo, all tailored for an audience of both Japanese and foreign guests – so bring your family and friends! On top of that, we’ve got lots of delicious food and drink for you: sample sake, taste some yummy yakisoba and so much more! Come along to Hakata Station on Nov. 3 to celebrate Japan!

Also New Online!
More Details On New Fukuoka – Helsinki Finnair Flight
finnair press event oct 2015 020

Sumo Wrestling at Hakata Station, Fukuoka
sumo nn oct 2015 001

Itoshima Kakigoya – Oyster Hut Guide 2015

Meet R2-J1: R2-D2’s Japanese Cousin
r2d2 oct 2015 007

Taking the Suito Train to Yanagawa
suito yanagawa article-10

Food Expo Kyushu 2015 Report
kyushu food expo oct 2015 024

Fukuoka Asian Party Report
fukuoka asian party oct 2015 003

Canezees’ New Vegan Donuts
canezees vegan 2015 002

New Hot Pot at Mentaiju
mentaiju new menu sep 2015 007

Interning at Fukuoka Now
oscar intern photo 001

And don’t forget our event listings!

Art & Culture
Fukuoka Prefecture
Published: Oct 29, 2015 / Last Updated: Jun 13, 2017

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