The first five contestants for the 2012 Gaikokujin Star Tanjo event have been selected! Congratulations to Shawntae Stephens, Jaye Ludlow, Johnny Price, Eric Nicholas and Keith Lauher. However there are still THREE spots left! All previous applicants are still in the running but there’s time for you or a friend to enter. Apply online by Nov. 5! All acts welcome! ¥100,000 cash 1st prize, fame, fun and more! 外国人スター誕生イベント、早くも5名の出場者が決まりました!引き続き、残りの出場者3名を募集しています!一芸を持つ外国人の皆様、ぜひご応募ください!賞金¥100,000を手に入れよう!

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