“HAFU” Survey Results

Dec. 15, feature-length HD documentary film, “Hafu – the mixed-race experience in Japan” will have its Kyushu premier screening at KBC Cinema in Tenjin. The 87-min. long film follows the stories of five mixed-Japanese living in Japan. The screening will be followed by an open discussion session.

Last week, Fukuoka Now opened a simple poll about the mixed-race community of Japan. We received varied responses and comments by 59 participants from a range of  backgrounds. The results are summarized here…


Japanese / 日本人: 16.95% (10)
Non-Japanese / 外国人: 54.24% (32)
Mixed-race / ミックス: 28.81% (17)


Yes / はい: 62.71% (37)
No / いいえ: 37.29% (22)


Yes / はい: 47.46% (28)
No / いいえ: 52.54% (31)


Yes / はい: 72.88% (43)
No / いいえ: 27.12% (16)


Yes / はい: 69.49% (41)
No / いいえ: 30.51% (18)

An open comments section at the end of the survey allowed participants a space to freely share their opinions. Below, we have selected six comments from the 19 received.

“Nobody is half a person. Mixed-culture children are better caller nibai (2倍、double) as some already call themselves.”

“「ハーフ」という言葉に引っかかりを感じる理由は、やっぱり「半分」又は「完全じゃない」というニュアンスがありますから。While I understand where the term “half” comes from, to me calling a person half implies not being whole, never quite here or there.”

“Being born from a mixed race doesn’t make any person less of a human. In fact, he/she may even have the best of both worlds. The person that he/she becomes is dependent on the society that surrounds him/her. While parenting is very important, how other people would treat him/her would also be vital in his/her identity formation.”


“日本はまだ白人至上主義。 白人であれば無意味に「すごい」と思いがち。その点白人とのミックスは他の人種のミックスより、差別は少ないと思う。”

“Multiculturalism, transnational weddings and cultural exchanges are the best way for Japan to address its ageing related issues and embrace a bright future”

If you have anything to add, please use the comment section on this posting to add your voice to the discussion and attend the HAFU screening to learn more, and talk about these issues on Dec. 15.

Don’t miss this one-time special screening in Fukuoka by Fukuoka Now:  Sunday, Dec. 15


HAFU Fukuoka Screening
12/15 (Sun.), Open: 13:40, Start: 14:00 (87 min)
Discussion with audience participation: 15:30 ~ 16:00
Venue: KBC Cinema, 1-3-21 Nanotsu, Chuo-ku
Non-reserved seating: 108 theater seats. 42 extra folding chairs if needed.
Tickets: ¥1,500 (all ages)
Advance tickets only. Available online (http://hafu-fukuoka.peatix.com) or at the Fukuoka Now office (weekdays 09:30~18:00)

BUY TICKETS☞: http://hafu-fukuoka.peatix.com
WEB PAGE☞: http://fukuoka-now.com/hafu
FB EVENT PAGE☞: https://www.facebook.com/events/490994914347337/
OFFICIAL FILM HP☞: http://hafufilm.com

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