Bayside Hakata

27 years ago the warehouses of this port area were torn down, and from the dust arose Bayside Place. Bayside is a complex of shops, restaurants and attractions next to Hakata Port,... Read More


Minoshima was once a bustling shopping area known as the Kitchen of Hakata. Today, over 50 mostly family-run shops with the nostalgic look of the Showa era remain (1920s to ‘80s). ... Read More

Karatsu Getaway!

To visitors from Fukuoka and further afield, Karatsu is best known for the spectacular Karatsu Kunchi festival in early November, the historic Karatsu castle, or the famous seafood...
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Imazu Stone Fortification and Bishamon-yama

Imazu, in Nishi-ku, lies on the east coast of the Itoshima Peninsula. Blessed with oceans, mountains and unspoiled landscapes, it is also an important historical area. From ancient...
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Oita Weekend Getaway!

Fukuoka is our favorite urban playground but on weekends we love to get out of town, and Oita Prefecture is one of our top weekend getaway destinations. While day trips from Fukuok...
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The Kawabata area is centered around Hakata’s oldest shopping arcade, which has been running since the mid-1950s. This 400m long street connects the Hakata-za Theater and Hakata Ri... Read More


Jonansen (“South-of-the-castle line”) is one of Fukuoka’s more interestingly named streets, and is so-called because it was previously a streetcar route. Nowadays, Yakuin, the area... Read More


Nakasu is Kyushu’s number one entertainment district. It has also long-served as a launch pad for new cultural movements, from the theatre popular in the Meiji period to the litera... Read More


Once a bustling main street, Kego-hondori is now a backstreet running parallel to Keyaki-dori from the Kego four-way intersection, curving and connecting with Sakurazaka. Read More


Taihaku-dori, which roughly translates to “Hakata’s Main Street”, stretches 1.8 km from Hakata Station to Fukuoka Sun Palace and is a great starting point for any Hakata adventure. Read More
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