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Dear Education Manager,

My name is Robert Daniel (Dan) Costello.

I have been an EFL/ESL professional since 2001. I’m a mature, responsible and experienced language teacher. I have extensive, teaching, training and consulting experience in both Korea and Japan.

I’m a Business English Language Expert. I have over 20 yrs of International business management experience. I have taught both executives and regular business students at some of the world’s leading companies. Including, Denso, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, Nishinippon Plant Engineering and Construction Company, Taiko Refractories, Toyota Motor Kyushu, Panasonic, Epson, Kodak, Flextronics, T.P.R, and Eastern. I have specialized in Test teaching to professionals, including TOEIC, EIKEN, TOEFL and TEPS.

I have had my TESOL certification since 2001 and have accumulated thousands of hours of teaching experience.

I do not require visa sponsorship, nor do I need any assistance with housing.

I do have a Japanese driver’s license and can work independently without supervision.

I feel that my extensive experience combined with my calm and professional manner are skills and qualities that can enhance any position.

I have attached a copy of my resume for you review.

I look forward to discussing my experience and qualifications with you in a personal interview.

My current professional activities including on line work, sub-contracting, consulting and private lessons, allow me a level of flexibility in my scheduling.

Thank you in advance for any considerations given.
Dan Costello

Robert Daniel Costello

Date of Birth
Jul 9, 1966


Now living in
Tagawa, Fukuoka, Japan


Current Visa Status
Spouse of Japanese National Visa

Intended stay in Japan
5+ (more) years


Educational Level
College/2-Year Diploma

English Ability
Native level

English Certification

Japanese Ability
Basic level

French Ability
Conversational level

Korean Ability
Conversational level
Professional Profile
Desired Industry

Desired Position

Business, negotiations, staff training, supervision. Experienced in teaching, EIKEN, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, SSAT, SAT, TEPS. I specialize in Critical Reading and Essay Writing. I have developed and conducted student level evaluation programs. I have specialized in custom course program development for corporate clients.

I have ten years of INTERNATIONAL TESOL experience. This includes the teaching of English to children, adults and business professionals in both Korea and Japan. I have twenty years of experience in business management, training and supervision.
I hold a Japanese Driver’s License

Educational History
Graduation period
Jan, 1990 – Aug, 1992

Canadian Institute of Business

College Diploma/Computer Programming/Data Processing

International TESOL Certification 9/2001
NALATIE,(North American Licensing Authority Of Teaching International English). 9/2001

First Aid Certification – 1999
WHIMIS Certification – 1998
Xerox Sales Certification – 1998

Work History
Employment period
Nov, 2010 – March, 2012

Company Name
Owls Co., Ltd.-Japan

Position Title
Sub-contracted Business English Instructor, specializing in course development and program consulting.

Position Description
Sub-contract position with Owls Co., Ltd – Japan. I Taught Business English lessons to Corporate Students. I provided language instruction services to corporate clients on behalf of Owls Co., Ltd – Japan. I designed an agreed upon curriculum and I provided the students with expert level teaching, evaluation and consultation services.

Course Development and Program Consulting.
I developed courses for Owls Col., Ltd – Japan’s Corporate clients. I developed custom business programs in the areas of International business communication and negotiation with a focus on global product and service presentations.

Employment period
Feb, 2010 – Jul, 2010

Company Name
Owls Co., Ltd.-Japan

Position Title
High School A.L.T.

Position Description
Sub-contract position working at an area High School as an A.L.T. Duties included working closely with the School Japanese English Language Director. Designing and introducing lesson plans and targeted programs. I taught lessons to students in all grades and at varying English language ability levels. I provided professional evaluations, testing materials and reports as requested.

Employment period
Jun, 2009 – Dec, 2009

Company Name

Position Title
Sub-contractor Business English Instruction

Position Description
Sub-contract position with Panasonic (PCC – Oita) for Berlitz-Japan Fukuoka Language Center. I taught Business English lessons to Corporate Students at the Panasonic Design and Production facility in USA-Oita. I provided language instruction services to corporate clients on behalf of Berlitz-Japan. I followed an agreed upon schedule and curriculum and provided the students with expert level teaching, evaluation and consultation services.

Employment period
Jan, 2007 – Present

Company Name
Independent consulting and program development.

Position Title

Position Description
I work as a program development consultant. I assist in the development of study programs for corporate business students. I work closely with company education directors to update study programs, including international communication and language level test study programs. I also advise on corporate marketing strategies and content for foreign markets and customers.

Employment period
Apr, 2008 – Dec, 2008

Company Name
Talking Club-Korea

Position Title

Position Description
I was a National Public Speaking and TOEFL program consultant for Talking Club in Daegu, South Korea. I consulted on the development of curriculums for student national public speaking and TOEFL programs. I selected appropriate materials and set-up a syllabus. I trained teachers and taught students in both programs.

Employment period
Mar, 2006 – Mar, 2008

Company Name
AtoZ Corporation-Japan

Position Title
Corporate Business Instructor

Position Description
I worked in Business communication instruction with corporate clients. I consulted on Technology Business presentations with corporate clients. (Clients included, Epson, Kodak, Eastern, TPR, Flextronics, Panasonic and Yamani Springs). Additional duties included working for local school boards. I developed a curriculum, and instructed elementary school students.

Employment period
Jan, 2003 – Aug, 2005

Company Name
SIJ Advanced Academy-Korea

Position Title
English Instructor

Position Description
I taught advanced level English students. I specialized in Critical Reading and Essay Writing, along with Public Speaking and Business Communication. Areas included were, TOEFL, TOEIC, SSAT, SAT, TEPS and LSAT, HSAT. I also instructed in the fields of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy.

Employment period
Dec, 2001 – Jan, 2003

Company Name
Samduk Employment Information Services-Korea

Position Title
Language Consultant

Position Description
I was an instructor of English and business communications to businesses, schools, academies and private individuals. I was involved in customer program development for the company as well as sales and marketing of company services to regional school boards.

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