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Aeon Kyushu To Reduce Prices On 151 Items!

Aeon Kyushu, which oversees the running of 118 stores, including the likes of Aeon, Home Wide, and Wide Mart Drug & Food, have announced plans to cut prices on 151 everyday items from their Top Value and National Brand range of goods. Customers have become more cautious in their spending during what has proven to be a period of economic instability. It is against this backdrop, that Aeon Kyushu began to cut prices on Top Value products in November 2016. In an attempt to help shoppers who are having to deal with an increase in living costs, Aeon Kyushu will be further lowering prices on key everyday items by streamlining their distribution and seeking the best possible sources for raw materials. Source: http://aeon-kyushu.info/files/management_news/1317/pdf.pdf

Published: Apr 18, 2017 / Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017