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A Paulownia Wood Man’s Cave

Today we happened to pass by Takumi Gallery, located on the 2nd floor of the ACROS Building in Tenjin. Near the entrance we noticed some wooden items and tools and decided to see what was going on. We saw plenty of cool looking furniture, but one item in the back of the room stood out. From a distance, it looked like a chashitsu (tea room), but on further inspection, we could see a wooden bed inside. Turns out it’s a man’s cave! A place to get away from it all; a place where you can shut the world and concentrate on your thoughts. The Japanese title is Meiso Shijin (瞑想詩人, meditation poet), a place to meditate and perhaps write poetry. The beautifully formed wood (Paulownia) seems very sturdy but also is very smooth and soft to the touch. Constructed with many sliding and removable panels, it’s possible to let in plenty of both air and light. Interestingly, the walls contain insulation. Not so much to keep heat in or out, but to keep unwanted sounds out. It looks quite small, but Fukuoka Now staff Maarten Rutte (180 cm tall) had no trouble lying down and make himself comfortable. Truly a unique product! Drop by the gallery until Oct. 21, 2018. This and many more innovative furnishings by Masahiro Hieda (Kiri-kobo), an award-winning craftsman from Okawa, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Takumi Gallery:




Published: Oct 16, 2018 / Last Updated: Oct 16, 2018

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