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ad:tech kyushu Begins in Fukuoka

The first-ever ad:tech event in Kyushu kicked off this morning at the International Conference Center in Fukuoka. The first keynote speaker was Facebook’s Doug Stotland, Head of Marketing Solutions, Asia Pacific. In his presentation he reminded us of Facebook’s unique ability to present groups of authentic persons (real names and profiles) in a media which users engage in 24 hours/day and anywhere they might be. He said there are 19,000,000 Facebook users in Japan and they use Facebook on average 4.5 times per day – and they’re constantly in “discovery mode” i.e. open to suggestions on things to do or buy.

ad tech 2013 A 068

ad tech carries on with more keynotes, seminars and booth displays until 16:30 Thursday, June 6 with a closing presentation by Takafumi “Horiemon” Horie (Livedoor founder and native of Yame, Fukuoka).

Full details on their website:

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Published: Jun 5, 2013 / Last Updated: Apr 1, 2016

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