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April 2018 Fukuoka Now

With so many events, big and small, taking place in and around Fukuoka City, you need to plan your time well so you don’t miss out. In addition to the eight events listed in this and every issue of Fukuoka Now, be sure to visit our website for many, many more listings! Speaking of events, Art Aquarium Exhibition 2018 is a must go. See thousands of goldfish artistically displayed with special lighting and music. This month we introduce La Maison de la Nature Goh – a repeat winner of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. Then we go very retro with Gourmet Fugetsu as our noodle shop. Their “Beef Butter-yaki” is a classic! Fancy some fine wine with tempura? Then check out Araki Daimyo Honten – a classy bar that also serves tasty tempura. And for a cafe we introduce Rec Coffee (Yakuin Station Shop), one of Fukuoka’s leading indie coffee shops (with domestic and international trophies to back up the claim.) What do you want to know more about in Fukuoka? Contact us:

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La Maison de la Nature GohGourmet

Rec Coffee ​Yakuin Station ShopCafe

Gourmet FugetsuNoodle

Araki Daimyo HontenBar

Josui-dori and Shofuen: Great for a Spring StrollFeature

Fukuoka Nanohana Guide 2018Guide


Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks April Home Games

Gallery Hopping

4th Chikugo Seven Regional Sake & Culture Fair

9th Spring Okawa Woodwork Festival

2018 Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival

2018 Kyushu Boat Show

Kamome no Grill

115th Arita Ceramic Fair

Fukuoka City
Published: Mar 29, 2018 / Last Updated: Mar 30, 2018

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