Child Care Assistant

Nov 23, 2021 14:09 by AFO

If you enjoy working with children and helping to provide a fun, safe and educational environment where you can make a difference, then this may be the position that you’ve been searching for. Our foster home is in search of a worker to provide support and guidance to the children in our care. We are looking for an English speaker to work as an assistant to the foster home manager. You will be requested to communicate with the children in English as much as possible to try to help them develop skills which will assist in their futures.

●Perform daily household chores (cleaning, washing, cooking, etc.)

●Play, talk and communicate with the children when they return home and help to create an atmosphere of family.

Job Skills & Qualifications
Basic Japanese level
High English level
Available to work until 8pm
Previous experience in child or daycare
Driving licence
Excellent interpersonal skills
Visa that allows for work

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