Children’s Home Assistant

Oct 31, 2020 10:03 by AFO

We are looking for children’s home assistant for up to 5 kids living in a foster care home.
Your main duties will include cooking, cleaning, laundry and caring for the children.
We would like you to talk about school, play with them, and see their homework, etc.

We also expect you to mainly speak in English to the children to help them develop their English skills.

● Location: Fukuoka area (Nishi-ku Yokohama)

●Part time: 1,500yen per hour

● Transportation allowance

● Preference given to those with a visa

● Must live in Fukuoka

● Must be a Native level English speaker

● Conversational Japanese required

● Working time: 3~5days per week
3 or 4 hours per day (5pm to 8pm or 9pm )

● Shift system: Work on weekends and holidays

Please contact us if you are interested or for more details:

Contact: Rieko Wade
Company: NPO AFO

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