FREE Skateboard, push scooter and tent

Jan 2, 2022 14:31 by Neil

Hello, hello,
My daughter has grown up and never really used the following items:

1. FREE RIPSTIK skateboard (works great). Needs a bit of cleaning underneath the board. Just a quick brush will suffice. This skateboard is the type where you gyrate to create momentum. 2. SCOOT push scooter(works great) but just needs to be brushed on the handlebar grips which there is a little dust and stuff. 3. Ridgeway 4 man tent. I just used this tent in Yakushima. You can stand up in the middle. Great for a family, for camping or to use for sports days,etc. I am in Kurume but I guess could meet you at some JR train station. (I want this stuff to go to a good home and used. That’s it !!) Contact me for photos: neildefender30 at hotmail dot com

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