Furnitures and Items for Sale and Giveaway before 30th March (Sawara-ku, Muromi Sation)

Mar 12, 2020 16:55 by Natha

I am selling all my furniture (fridge, washing machine..) and giving away lot of stuff (kitchen utensils..). My apartment is in Sawara-ku, very close to Muromi station. Email me if interested (
List of items (non-exhaustive):
– Fridge 2万円 (Sharp SJ-ES26Y-S, 264L, 2014)
– Washing machine 5千円 (Toshiba AW-42SG, 45L, 2010)
– Kotatsu, Free (75x75cm)
– Microwave 1万 (Toshiba ER-S60E, 2018)
– Desk 2千円 (120x60cm, height: 73cm, 2018)
– Chair 5千円 (Nitori 6620409, 2018)
– Sofa 2万円 (Nitori A9 KB, 3P, Grey, 185x95cm, 2018)
– TV 5千円 (Toshiba Regza 32R9000, 32′)
– TV board 4千円 (100x35cm, height:44cm, 2018)
– Computer screen 4千円 (Asus, 23′, VZ239, 2017)
– Plus Giving Away: kitchen utensils, small chest, small shelves

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