Giving away for free – TV stand, coffee table, washing machine

Sep 19, 2022 19:13 by Neoke20

Hi Fukuokans!

We are moving into a bigger place, and bought newer furniture, so we are giving away a few items instead of throwing them away.

A TV stand from IKEA, bought about 2 years ago. This is this one: (does not have the bottom shelf, but apart from that, in good condition)

A coffee table, bought in a second hand shop, so not sure the brand (not IKEA). In good condition, quite sturdy, has a few scratches on the top. 52cm wide, 106cm long, 27cm tall (20″, 42″, 10.5″)

A washing machine, 5kg, Panasonic, 2013 model.

Please pick them up before the 1st of October near Hakozaki JR station (10 minute walk form the station).

I’ll provide pictures by email if need be.

Thank you!

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