Looking for an ALT position in Kurume

Feb 28, 2019 09:06 by cue-are

I am presently working as an ALT at a bunch of elementary schools.On average,I do 80 lessons a month, in a town outside of Kurume. I realized that I waste anywhere from
20 to 30 hrs taking the train back to Kurume so I am absolutely ‘chomping at the bit’ to change to working in Kurume.
I live near one of the busiest bus routes and can easily jump on my bicycle and get to any school in Kurume quickly.
My children were born and raised in Kurume as was my wife. I eat the same food as the locals, speak the same Japanese as the locals.
I have all my own flashcards for all grades from Grade 1 to Grade 6. (I even have flashcards for We Can 2, that nobody else has). That means I never need to use the school PC or laminator. I can do every single lesson in Japanese. In Kurume, nobody speaks English because it is simply too inconvenient hence the need to be able to speak Japanese in this town. I bought the same software for Hi,friends and WC1,etc and I dissected every lesson and have great games and activities for all my lessons much better than the same 4 games they continually use in those textbooks.If you want to have a teacher whose students actually speak English (as opposed to a lot of ALTs just do a ‘repeating’ lesson) and want to hire someone that works so smoothly, you’ll forget I’m even working at the schools then by all means. Let’s arrange a SKYPE interview at your disgression.
Although, the lessons I do now have a lot more parts(more of an English school lesson) and more difficult than the traditional ALT lessons I did at high schools. The one thing I did at HS was to do speeches to the entire school in Japanese at various times. This means, I would say my level is much higher than the elementary school level simply because I learnt how to speak to the teachers and students only in Japanese. Please let me know the date and time and your Skype I.D. and I will be happy to talk with you.
Matemasu !!

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