Looking for some teachers

Feb 11, 2021 18:10 by StarEnglishSchool

Star English School is looking for Native English teachers who:

①Can work as full-time at Hirao area
②Can work on only Saturdays at Fujisaki area
③Can work on only Saturday at Kashii area

have already lived in Fukuoka
have valid visa status
are friendly to kids(age of 1-elementary) and co-workers
are quick learner
understand Japanese culture

If you have some experience, it is preferable, but not important.
We need someone who wants to join our team and wants to have great time with wonderful students. Kids are leaning a lot of subjects, so you might need to study for them first. Therefore, someone who wants to learn new things is preferable.

Star English School is a nursery school, so we need someone who understands that jobs are not only teaching, but also taking care of babies and small children, cleaning classroom, and helping each others, etc.

Your salary will start from 280,000/month(training period is 250,000, two months or more, depending on teachers)

In terms of Saturday teachers, it is 2000 yen/hour. Working hour is 10-17.
Transportation is fully covered if you use buses or trains.

If you are interested in our jobs, please send your resume to our email address which is on our website.

Thank you.

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