WAHAHA Japanese Language School – Online Group Lessons (First Lesson on May 29, 2020)

May 22, 2020 20:00 by WahahaNihongo

WAHAHA Japanese Lessons for Fukuoka residents

Founded in April 2009, we are a small school and have been teaching Japanese to hundreds of visitors and residents of Fukuoka!

WAHAHA is a small-sized Japanese school in Fukuoka, allowing us to maintain a cozy, friendly and family-like atmosphere. This also allows us to be more flexible and focused on each and every one of our students\’ needs.

【Online Group Lessons】
Until recently, our online lessons are mostly provided in the form of private sessions. However, due to increasing interests and requests, we are now introducing our WAHAHA-style group lessons online!

Based on topics and Japanese proficiency levels, students with similar level of Japanese proficiency can join \”interests-based\” groups for lessons! Our online group lessons will operate in the form of a topic-based interest circles, with topics ranging from Speaking, Grammar, Japanese Cultures, Japanese History, Politics, Kanji, Anime, Movies, Novels, TV Dramas, Mangas, Games and you name it! You will be able to join groups to study Japanese together with people with common interests.

Of course it is also possible for zero-beginners to take survival Japanese lessons in our online groups! Through our WAHAHA-style group lessons, we wish to form a unique program to connect people with a passion to Japan, students who are learning Japanese and those with an interest in anything about Japan.

【Lesson Details】
If you would like to start or join any group(s) that may be of your interest, please do not hesitate to let us know, and we will try to arrange such lessons of whatever topics in the future!

First Lesson:
Date: May 29, 2020 (Friday)
Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm

On May 29, we will be holding a beginner-level conversation class reviewing and practicing the use of て-form, ない-form, た-form and the plain form.

【Lesson Price】
Our online group lessons will be sold by attendance tickets (90 minutes per lesson).

1 Ticket: ¥2,000
5 Tickets: ¥9,000 (¥1,000 off!)
10 Tickets: ¥18,000 (¥2,000 off!)

Enrollment Fee and Material Fee: Waived!

For registration, inquiries or details of other lessons, please contact us by email or phone, or visit our website!

TEL: 092-737-2288

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