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Discover Fukuoka – Take the Subway!

Discover Fukuoka the Convenient Way – Take the Subway!

On September 25, 2017, a new pass for foreign visitors in which adults can enjoy unlimited rides on all subway lines for two days for just ¥720 (children ¥360) went on sale. Scroll down for a list of places to buy this convenient and money-saving pass. Here are just a few of the places you can visit.

1) Ohori Park
Nearest station: K06 Ohorikoen Sta.

Just five minutes by subway from Tenjin, this expansive park with a two kilometer track surrounding a picturesque pond is enjoyed by runners, cyclists, and pedestrians of all ages. It also boasts a Noh theater, Japanese garden, two cafes, and rental paddle boats.

2) Yatai Food Stalls
Nearest stations: K08 Tenjin Sta., N16 Tenjin-minami Sta.

Fukuoka’s iconic eateries pop up on the city’s sidewalks at dusk and disappear by dawn. For travelers and locals alike, they’re a place to enjoy yakitori skewers and ramen noodles. Their cozy confines make them ideal places to meet locals.

3) Kamikawabata Shopping Arcade
Nearest stations: K09 and H01 Nakasu-Kawabata Sta

This 400 m long covered street with approximately 100 shops is full of nostalgic charm. From washi (Japanese paper) to Buddhist altars, it’s not your average urban mall! Be sure to try the sweet red bean “Kawabata Zenzai”.

4) Kushida Shrine
Nearest station: K10 Gion Station, K09 and H01 Nakasu-Kawabata Sta

It’s a lovely shrine filled with intriguing elements of local significance. And it’s said that a few sips from the well water at this shrine can grant you longevity or eternal youth. Be sure to see the float from the Hakata Gion Festival too!

5) Canal City Hakata
Nearest stations: K09 and H01 Nakasu-Kawabata Sta., K10 Gion Station

Canal City Hakata 2017 © Fukuokajisho

It’s Kyushu’s largest shopping complex! Besides shops, there are restaurants, cafes, cinemas, a theater, live entertainment, 3D projection mapping, and thrilling water fountain displays.

6) Hakata Station Area
Nearest station: K11 Hakata

From the famous Hankyu Department Store and others such as Marui, Tokyu Hands, and Ming – you can take care of all your shopping and souvenir hunting here. There’s plenty of restaurants, and for a free view of the city, take the elevator to the rooftop.


Convenient Subway Pass for Traveling and Sightseeing
Fukuoka City Subway 2 Day Pass for Foreign Tourists

Add only ¥100 (¥50 for children) to your 1-Day subway pass for a 2-Day pass with unlimited rides on all subway lines! Two-day pass holders receive special discounts and gifts at select stores and facilities.

Where to buy
• Hakata Port International Terminal (7:30~18:00 / open all-year round)
• Hakata Station General Information Center (8:00~21:00 / open all-year round)
• Fukuoka City Tourist Information (Tenjin) (9:30~19:00 / open all-year round)
• Fukuoka City Subway Tenjin Station (customer service center & commuter ticket counter) (Mon. ~ Fri.: 7:00~20:00 / Sat.: 7:00~19:00 / Sun. & holidays: 9:00~19:00 / Jan 1st~3rd: Closed)
• Fukuoka City Subway Hakata Station (customer service center & commuter ticket counter) (Mon. ~ Sat.: 7:00~20:00 / Sun. & Holidays: 9:00~20:00 / Jan 1st~3rd: Closed)

Note: This pass is on sale only at the Hakata and Tenjin Subway stations, and not at other subway stations.

Show your 2 Day Pass and accompanying Guide Book to enjoy Special Benefits

Marinoa City Fukuoka: ¥500 shopping voucher *valid at Marinoa City Fukuoka *Once all the voucher is distributed, the offer will end.
Iwataya Head Office: Original novelty gift
Fukuoka Mitsukoshi: Original novelty gift
Fukuoka Duty Free Tenjin: 1. Enter the store for a ¥500 shopping voucher. 2. When paying, receive an additional 5% discount from the tax-free price
Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin: 10% discount voucher for restaurants *accepted at Daimaru restaurants
Vioro: ¥500 shopping voucher
Hakatakko Junjou Yatai Kiryu: One free (half-size) master’s recommendation of the day
Chez Rémy (Remisan-chi): Free glass of red or white wine, or a soft drink
Yatai Jonetsu no Chidori-ashi: Free platter of three kinds of boiled game
Don Quijote Nakasu Branch: Spend over ¥10,000 (before tax) to receive a ¥500 discount *applicable to customers who apply for the tax-free process
Canal City Hakata: Free original hand towel *subject to change depending on the season
Canal Tourist Lounge: 10% discount on Japanese clothes wearing experience (men’s and women’s kimono, women’s yukata, kid’s yukata, adults’ and kids’ ninja clothing)
Hakata Hankyu Department Store: Show your passport to receive a 5% discount voucher
Drug Eleven: 8% tax discount + 5% additional discount + one gift (snacks or water). available at Kyushu tax-free stores

There are other facilities not listed above where you can receive other special offers. Please see the Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau’s Official Website for details.


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Published: Sep 28, 2017 / Last Updated: Jan 5, 2018

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