Chochin Lantern Exhibition in Yame

START: Jun 6, 2020 END: Aug 8, 2020

An exhibition featuring traditional Yame chochin lanterns is currently being held in Yame City. The tradition of the lantern production in the region goes back to the Edo period, and the craft is a registered traditional craft of Japan. Approximately one hundred items are gathered from eight studios, and each represents delicately drawn natural motives such as flowers, mountains, and water. A special huge piece, measuring 3 meters in diameter, is also on display and pleases the visitors’ eyes. Source: NHK

• 6/6 (Sat.) ~ 8/8 (Sat.)
• 9:00 ~ 17:00
• 1F Yame Traditional Crafts Center
2-123-2 Motomachi, Yame City, Fukuoka
• Closed: Mon. (the museum opens if Mon. falls on a holiday)八女盆提灯展-好評開催中/

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Published: Jul 21, 2020 / Last Updated: Jul 22, 2020