Fukuoka Gibier Fair

START: Feb 7, 2014 END: Feb 23, 2014

Have you ever tasted boar or deer meat? The Fukuoka Gibier Fair is your chance, as 20 restaurants in Fukuoka Prefecture are offering dishes featuring “gibier” (French for game) meat this month! A recent overpopulation of wild deer and boar and low number of hunters in Fukuoka has resulted in serious damage to crop fields and new tree plantations. The damages caused by wild animals in 2011 was ¥22.6 billion – 60% of which was accounted for by wild boar and deer. In 2012, 21,858 wild boar and 4,315 deer were caught. Instead of wasting the meat, this event encourages Fukuokans to try the game meat in a variety of dishes. Game meat is said to contain high protein and low calories due to the healthy lifestyles of the animals, and although deer and boar meat have reputations for smelling bad or being tough, event organizers say that the meat has a great taste when processed correctly. One participating restaurant in Kama City called “Pension Ringo-mura” is serving an Inoshikacho Burger(¥700) using minced meat of boar, deer and chicken, as well as Boar Curry (¥980), and Hashed Deer (¥700). There’s a full list of 20 participating restaurants here: Source: Nishinippon Feb. 7


• 2/7 (Fri.) ~ 2/23 (Sun.)
• Fukuoka Prefecture (various restaurants)
• 092-643-3498

Published: Feb 12, 2014 / Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017